Michigan Championships

September 14, 2014 - Detroit, Michigan

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Event Venue Information

 Back on Belle Isle, the site of Michigan’s "Best of the US" selection.  Now only hosting the states Triathlon, Duathlon, Club and Team Championships, but of course this event is


Same great venue, same great course, slightly different setup but rest assured if you want to end the season with a lightning fast pr this is the place and race to achieve that.  With the smell of autumn in the air most of the island has calmed down as the regular users enjoy a more serene setting this time of year.  That is why we chose this venue as a "double" venue but we will make it one worth doing twice a year.  Come downtown Detroit and enjoy a baseball or football game if they are home. A beautiful night at the theater, symphony or museum and stay at one of the 4 star casino’s with great food options.  So many great things to see and do with your significant other or family.  

Michigan Tri/Du Championship will serve as the 2013 3 Disciplines Club / Team Championship as well.  click here for information

Date / Location

 September 14th, 2014*9:00am

Belle Isle

Detroit, MI


Olympic - 1.5k swim, 23 mile bike, 10k run
Sprint - 500m swim, 20k bike, 5krun

Olympic Aquabike - 1.5k swim, 23 mile bike

Sprint Aquabike- 500m swim, 20k bike

Duathlon - 5k run, 23 mile bike,10k run



Proceed to Central Street for Parking ONLY. The event registration site is directly in front of you as you come across the bridge. DO NOT park anywhere but Central.

Club championship info

 Calling all Clubs / Teams it is time to prove your hard work!  Introducing our exclusive 3 Disciplines Club / Team Championship.  

We have worked with various clubs and teams over the years with different programs, ideas, and some of you events.  Which we hope to expand upon creating a great way and event to raise funds enabling you to give back to a community group or charity in need.  

This Championship concept is our way of saying thanks, but also to provide everyone a even, level course to go head to head, for bragging rights and also provide a venue for everyone to strut their stuff, show what they got and to promote your club / teams to all the athletes attending to potentially recruit new members.  


the Championship will switch each year from the east side of southern Michigan to the west side of southern Michigan ensuring everyone gets equal opportunity to travel to each championship with easy access for all the clubs in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and beyond.  

(odd years) 2013 East Side - Michigan Triathlon/Duathlon Championship - Belle Isle, Detroit MI.

(even years) 2014 West Side - South Beach Triathlons, South Haven, MI.  

Sprint race and Olympic race will both stage specific transition area for club / team members to rack together with each team formed. 

Sprint and Olympic race will both have specific Team waves.  UNLESS not attended, then combined.

ALL athletes will still be included in the overall events results and awards

Both races will be scored on a 5 athlete per team basis using an accumulative scoring method.  ie. all 5 times of team will be added together for overall finish time and place.  

Team Catagories are: Male, Female, Coed and will be scored and awarded

All Teams must be registered by end of online registration The Thursday before the championship ALL teams must be sent in.  After that they will NOT be accepted.  

All Team members team names must match excactly in order to designate team members and times to be added.  

Awards and Cash Process:

All clubs with 10-20 members will receive 10% back, 21-40 15% 41 plus 20%

Checks will be sent 2 - 3 weeks following the event.  

Travelling Trophy: for the fastest Club will be scored by taking the 5 fastest male and female times from each club, added together to score for the fastest sprint and olympic clubs.  

RULES / Policies / Procedures:

Club name MUST be added to the "RACE FOR" in the online registration process.  NO changes, additions are allowed. 

Only current season’s club members may race for a club.  You cannot add someone basically to boost numbers. Any violation of this will result in the forfeit of club funds!  

There will be a club / team picture indicating year winners on the website club / team championship page 


Both Sprint and Olympic distance will be offered, enabling all the clubs / teams to put together several teams with both vetrens and newbies.  


A custom event shirt, custom finishers medal, custom latex swim cap, sponsor supplied samples, professional chip timing with results available online, awards to top three in each age group, a great sponsor supplied raffle and awards ceremony following the last finisher.  Also the best post race snack table out there.



 Please CLICK HERE for awards mail form.

Your age on race day is the same as how old you will be on December 31st of that year.

Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women Overall in each event, excluded from their agegroup
Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women within each of the following agegroups
19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+

Top 3 Clydesdales in Olympic and Sprint Triathlons 39 and under and 40+ categories (Clydesdale =  Male 200lbs or more)
Top 3 Athenas in Olympic and Sprint Triathlons 39 and under and 40+ categories (Athena = Females 150lbs or more)
Masters are awarded to the 1st place Male and 1st Place Female who is 40+ within the Olympic distance Triathlons and excluded from agegroup

Awards will in NO circumstances be given out early, or individually before the awards ceremony.  If you must depart for the awards ceremony you may opt to pay a shipping and processing fee and have the award mailed to you.  Please see the link above and under the forms page. You MUST send the form within 2 weeks following the event with a check or money order, one fee per award in order to receive your award.  Please understand we have NO control over the US postal service.


Belle Isle, City of Detroit, Hart EMS

Hammer Nutrition,Rudy Project, THETRISHOP, FINIS USA, Pepsi Co

Support Crews
Wayne State University Cross Country Team and Grosse Point South Girls Cross Country Team



Wet Suit Rentals Available


T-Shirts available online