Point Series: The goal is to give an opportunity to see yourself ranked, set goals, reward consistency as well as ability, offer a multi-event discount, and award some great series winner gear. Prizes, awards, and points for each event culminate with the series championship at Stony Creek. Overall winners get lifetime free entry. Must do 5 events to qualify for series awards.


TRI – Holly – 2x points
Big Fish – Hadley twp.
Motor City – Detroit
Paul Bunyan – Oscoda – 2x points
Tawas 23 – Tawas City – 2x points
Race the straits – 2x points
Michigan Tri/Du Champ
Sunrise Side
Last TRI @ Stony Creek Series Championship – must be present for awards, we will not mail them out.



You must enter 5 events to qualify Points will be awarded from 500 down in each event based on overall placing Sprint and Olympic distance only If there is a need to modify the point system due to participation, the system will then be worked from 999 down in each event based on overall placing.

Overall placing is for each distance, so the Sprint winner is awarded 500 pts. 2nd overall 499, 3rd overall 498. The same points were awarded for the Olympic distance.

Any tie at the series championship at Stony Creek will be broken with the fastest time between athletes at the Stony Creek event. If there is a tie and an athlete did not participate the athlete that did will win.

Athletes must be present for awards and prizes at Stony Creek, we will not mail them out.

Double-point events will change each year.

Awards: Top 3 overall male & female in both Olympic and Sprint First overall male & female age group.

Overall the Top male and female will receive awards, jerseys, and Lifetime Free racing in the series. Over $1100.00 value Overall second and third-place male and female will receive awards, jerseys, and 5 free races in the following year ONLY. Over $700 value Overall male and female age group winners will receive awards, jersey (Until the series grows it will just be the overall age group winner, of course, the goal is to have the top 3 when numbers rebound)
Management reserves the right to modify the series at any point Cancellation or deletion of an event will not result in refunds or additional events being added An addition to the series can potentially happen.

NO transfers into another season, NO refunds

It will be the overall winner’s responsibility to contact 3 Disciplines PRIOR to the first event of the season in order to get a comp code to register for Free events. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT any after the season has begun! No Transfers will be given to Second and third overall winners to another season. It is only for the following season.

Register for 3 – 4 events you get 10% off. Register for 5 – 10 events you get 17% off. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR SERIES