30+ years of experience

Personalized Training

Healthy Lifestyle

Kenny Krell, National events director, president and founder of 3 Disciplines, Powerman North America, and Your-Results. With Over 30 years in multi-sport, over 350 events completed, Multiple coaching certifications, Bio mechanics, kinesiology over 20 years high school cross-country, track and multi-sport coaching and former All American triathlete and duathlete. I have personally, and successfully been a part of over 1500 athletes of all makes and models achieving his or her goals. I was personally coached and trained with legendary Olympic athlete, coach, mentor, inventor, Dr. Doug Briggs and Gene Edwards. They became a big part of my life during my evolution as a multi-sport athlete and I will become part of yours.

You have probably spent literally thousands of dollars on equipment, entry fees, gym fees, and maybe coaching at this point. If you have spent hundreds of hours training and feel you are not achieving the goals you have set or want to get there quicker. Maybe you just need that old fashioned kick in the ass. Not sure how to structure a plan, a season, to achieve your goals? I am here to help and I do it a little different than most. This is not your typical pay $150 a month to get a plan emailed or uploaded to you training. This is old school true coaching like I was coached and trained. It costs a bit more because you are getting a lot more. Bottom line is to be the best YOU I need to see you to help you evolve and be a part of that process. More importantly in many cases this can’t happen without a family’s support. Make no mistake about it, after spending the time and money you have to this point, to make the sacrifices with your time and your family this is a process. Above all is, It must be fun, it must be structured, but also it is far more than just a training plan. It is creating a lifestyle for you and your family to create consistency for everyone involved.

I will meet in person for specific workouts, technique training, a ride, a run, a swim to ensure we correct bad habits, form issues, inefficiencies. This will include film sessions. One of the best ways to correct issues is for the athlete to see what he/she is doing wrong. You can’t do any of this with a typical online plan. We will dive deep into the nutrition piece; you are what you eat! We will go deeper with the mental game that multi-sport creates as two of the legendary multi-sport athletes have said, this is 80% mental. We will work with bike fit, stroke analysis and foot strike. We will work together with your family to come up with a racing and training plan that fits into a healthy lifestyle, if the family is on board it makes the “process” easier. Finally after all that you get a monthly training plan with swim, bike, run, strength training, stretching, with rest and recovery. All that and more for $200 per month.

One year plan minimum, sorry to do this right it can’t happen overnight. I prefer 3 years, that is how I was taught and truthfully that is what it takes to evolve into a well rounded, strong multi-sport athlete. To be brutally honest I do not want to waste my time with a one and done, bucket list athlete.

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